4A zeolite powder: microscopic particles, widely used

4A zeolite powder is a microscopic level zeolite material with a unique structure and excellent adsorption capacity. With the development of science and technology, 4A zeolite powder has shown broad application prospects in many fields.

1. Characteristics of 4A zeolite powder:
4A zeolite powder has a special porous structure, and the crystal lattice is covered with tiny pores and voids. This characteristic gives 4A zeolite powder a larger specific surface area, providing more active adsorption sites. In addition, the fine particle shape and uniform distribution of 4A zeolite powder help improve its diffusion capacity and adsorption efficiency.

2. Application of 4A zeolite powder in detergent field:
Due to its excellent adsorption capacity and ion exchange performance, 4A zeolite powder is widely used in the detergent field. It can adsorb and remove hard water ions such as calcium and magnesium in the water, prevent precipitation with detergent ingredients, and improve the washing effect. At the same time, 4A zeolite powder can stabilize the active ingredients in detergents and extend the service life of the product.

3. Application of 4A zeolite powder in cosmetics:
4A zeolite powder also has important application value in the field of cosmetics. Due to the characteristics of its fine particles, 4A zeolite powder can absorb and remove oil and dirt on the skin surface, clean pores, and achieve a deep cleansing effect. In addition, 4A zeolite powder can also control oil secretion and improve skin’s luster and texture.

4. Applications of 4A zeolite powder in environmental fields:
Due to its excellent adsorption properties, 4A zeolite powder also plays an important role in environmental pollution control. It can remove heavy metal ions, organic matter and other pollutants in water to achieve water purification effect. In addition, 4A zeolite powder can also absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene in the air to improve indoor air quality.


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