Pre Dispersed Rubber Deodorant

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Pre-dispersed rubber deodorant JHD-100A-E75
Reduce or eliminate odors in product caused by additives and material itself.

Pre-dispersed rubber deodorant JHD-100A-E75

Reduce or eliminate odors in product caused by additives and material itself. 


Inorganic silicate 75%, Rubber binder and dispersant 25%


Gray-white to gray-black granules

Density(20 °C):

About 1.5g/cm3


Due to the special molecular structure, the product can effectively inhibit and absorb the pungent smell and other peculiar smell of various chemicals, and also absorb the residue of harmful volatile components, such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, chlorine etc. Meanwhile it can effectively reduce the VOC content in the product. It has excellent compatibility to all kinds of rubber and has the characteristics of long aging, small amount of addition and shows no impact to the performance of the medium which needed to cover and absorb, as it’s made of natural inorganic silicate, non-toxic and harmless, green environmental protection. It complies with EU ROHS requirements. Widely used in rubber field, it can reduce or eliminate unpleasant odor caused by auxiliary agent and material itself, and has excellent resistance to high temperature, plays function of lubrication and anti-adhesion in rubber, can be widely applied in seals, tyres, tape, hose and other rubber products.


  1. As for two stages mixing processing, we suggest to add before discharging in stage A (adding steps: rubber-small dose additives-filler and oil-deodorant- discharging);
  2. If mixing is a one-step processing, it is recommended to add with sulfur;
  3. During compounding, try to avoid contact with oily or water-based substances. It is suggested that during the processing of stage A, oil and rubber should be mixed for a while before adding deodorant;


1~2phr of the total rubber compound.


Widely used in seals, tires, belt, hose, shoes, cables and other rubber products.

rubber chemicals can be applied for:

  1. Automotive rubber seal strip
  2. Technical rubber parts, wiper blades, seal, hose, belt, anti-vibratory etc.
  3. Rubber tires
  4. Rubber shoes sole, boots
  5. Rubber cables
  6. Rubber band etc

Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch comply with environmental requirements:

  1. Our masterbatch meets the requirements of RoHS2.0, Pahs, Phthalates, and 183 Substances of high-concern(SVHC).
  2. Many substances have been registered with REACH, comply with European standards.


N.W.25kg each carton lined with PE bag, N.W. 600kg each pallet.