How to use Plastic Odor Neutralizer?

1. Select a suitable neutralizer: According to the degree of plastic odor, select a suitable plastic odor neutralizer. Common neutralizers include odor neutralizing sprays, adsorption neutralizers, etc.
2. Instructions for use: Use the neutralizer correctly according to the instructions for use of the product. Some neutralizers can be sprayed directly on the plastic, while other types need to be placed in the air for neutralization.
3. Regular cleaning and replacement: Regular cleaning or replacement of the neutralizer to maintain its effect and durability. It is recommended to replace it every 1-2 months, or operate according to the product instructions.

Plastic odor neutralizers are ideal for improving your indoor climate. By choosing an appropriate neutralizer and using it correctly, the odor emitted by plastic products can be effectively neutralized and eliminated, bringing a fresh and pleasant feeling to the indoor environment. In addition to using neutralizers, we should also choose environmentally friendly plastic substitutes in our daily life to reduce the use of plastic products. Let us work together to create a fresh and healthy living and working environment. Plastic odor neutralizer will be our right-hand man and bring us a whole new experience.


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