Revealed Methods to Effectively Remove Rubber Smell

Rubber products are ubiquitous in our lives, however, many people are uncomfortable with the special smell emitted by rubber. Whether it’s a newly purchased car tire, sneakers, floor mats, toys, or even some furniture made of rubber, there may be a rubber smell present.

1. Ventilated and fresh

New rubber products often have a strong smell. The easiest way is to place the rubber products in a well-ventilated place, such as outdoors or on a ventilated balcony, so that fresh air can gradually take away the rubber smell. Remember, continued ventilation may be necessary for several days or longer.

2. Acid cleaning

Lemon juice and white vinegar are two effective acids that can neutralize rubber odor. Mix lemon juice or white vinegar with water and wipe the rubber surface with a damp rag, or place the solution in an open container and let it work to neutralize and absorb odors. This method not only removes rubber odor but also brings a fresh scent to the air.

3. Dry adsorption

Rubber odor can also be removed with adsorbents. Activated carbon, baking soda and silica gel particles are all good adsorption materials. Place them in a closed container with rubber items and let them absorb the rubber odor. Regular replacement of adsorbents can effectively keep the air fresh.

4. Natural elimination

Time is one of the best strategies for removing rubber odor. Rubber products will gradually release odor over time until it completely dissipates. Although it requires some patience, it’s a harmless and natural method that’s worth the wait.


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