Rubber Odor Eliminator for Rubber Odor Problems

Rubber products are ubiquitous in our daily lives, whether it is car tires, sports shoes, rubber gloves or household items, we cannot do without this tough and durable material. However, that comes with a nasty rubbery smell. In order to solve this problem, a product called “rubber deodorant” has been launched on the market.

1. Source of rubber smell:
The main source of rubber odor is volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in rubber products. These compounds are added to rubber during the manufacturing process and gradually evaporate over time. At the same time, rubber products may also absorb other pollutants in the air, such as dust, bacteria and odorous substances, further aggravating the intensity of rubber smell.

2. The principle of rubber deodorant:
Rubber deodorant uses a special molecular structure that can chemically react with rubber volatile organic compounds. When these compounds combine, they form an odorless or low odor compound, which eliminates the rubbery smell. In addition, the rubber deodorant also contains adsorbents, which can effectively absorb the odorous substances on the surface of rubber products, thereby further reducing the release of odors.

3. How to use rubber deodorant:
Using rubber deodorant is very simple. First, the rubber product is cleaned to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Then, spray the rubber deodorant evenly on the surface of the rubber product to ensure complete coverage. After it dries naturally, the rubber smell will be significantly reduced or disappeared. For large or difficult-to-handle rubber items, pour the rubber deodorizer into the soaking tub, soak the rubber items for a few hours or overnight, and let dry.

rubber deodorant


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