Use and dosage of rubber deodorant

It is very common for rubber products to produce peculiar smell in rubber products factories. It is inevitable that rubber products have peculiar smell. Only the rubber itself has a smell, and the rubber products produced by adding various chemical additives must have no smell. It’s hard. How to get rid of these smells, this is used – rubber deodorant.

Rubber deodorant is a chemical additive used to eliminate, weaken or cover the odor of rubber or rubber products. It can effectively reduce or eliminate the odor or odor caused by rubber additives and residual monomers in the rubber itself. What kind of rubber smell can be removed? How is the amount calculated?

Since the odor molecules produced by different types of rubber are very different, the corresponding deodorant reactions are also different, and the mechanism of action may be completely different. Therefore, according to different uses, rubber deodorants can be divided into many types. Products to use different principles of chemical additives. Rubber odor masking agents are generally divided into two principle modes: the deodorization of rubber products, one is the mode based on chemical chelation, and the other is the mode that uses physical action. According to the different odors produced by different rubber products, it is very important to adopt the corresponding deodorization mode.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have new requirements for rubber products on the basis of performance levels, that is, there is no odor, and rubber products with peculiar smell are not sold in the market at all. The use of rubber deodorant solves this problem, making many rubbers, especially some recycled rubbers, better used, which is conducive to the rational use of recycled rubber, expands the application scope of rubber products, and reduces the rubber production environment. The promotion and use of rubber deodorants further expands the scope of renewable resources.

The rubber deodorant is non-toxic, non-irritating, has excellent temperature resistance, long aging, and small amount of addition. It has no effect on the performance of rubber products that need to be odor-masked and deodorized. It is suitable for eliminating or reducing the odor of rubber products when producing rubber products from various rubber materials such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and reclaimed rubber. When the rubber deodorant is used, the better the rubber deodorant is mixed with the material, the better the corresponding deodorant effect, so the user should mix the powder with the material as evenly as possible according to their own production conditions, so that the powder full contact with the material. The amount of rubber deodorant should be determined according to the type of rubber deodorant used, and the specific proportion is the most appropriate to tasteless.

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