What should I do if plastic products have peculiar smell? Deodorant cracks easily

The reason for the peculiar smell of plastic products is that in the production and processing of plastic products, many plastic additives are added to the plastic products, as well as various peculiar smells remaining in the recycled materials, which promotes the production of plastic products with ethylene, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. , amine, ammonia odor or other odor, after heating, it will produce unpleasant odor. Of course, there is no way to solve it. It is very simple. If you want to solve the problem of odor from the source, you only need to add a plastic deodorant in the production process to effectively remove the odor.

Plastic products often emit unpleasant odors during processing, and the smell of finished products is relatively light several times, mainly because the polymer chains have been polymerized and formed, and small molecular substances have been consumed or macromolecules have been synthesized. But the new shoes or some plastic products we buy will still have a strong plastic smell. In order to solve the peculiar smell existing in the production of plastic products, Jiahe professionally developed a high-efficiency plastic deodorant to solve the plastic odor.

Jiahe Chemical Plastic Deodorant is a white powder, which has adsorption power to odor and organic matter. At the same time, it has good heat resistance and good dispersibility in polymer materials. The plastic deodorant can increase the value of the product. Its principle is to penetrate into the surface of the material, absorb and neutralize the odor of the monomer in these materials, react and decompose quickly, and achieve the purpose of removing the odor. When using, the user should fully mix the powder with the material according to their own production conditions, so that the powder and the material are fully contacted. The better the mixing, the better the deodorization effect. It has little effect on the operating temperature. Generally speaking, high temperature is helpful for deodorization. The plastic deodorant has the characteristics of excellent compatibility, long aging time, and small amount of addition, and has no effect on the performance of the medium to be shielded and adsorbed. Widely used in PVC, ABS, PA6, PP, PE, PS, PVDC, seals, sealing strips, hoses, nylon materials, reclaimed rubber, etc., the effect is also obvious after adding.

Chemical Plastic Deodorant

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