The advantages of soap powder

 1. Save water, time, electricity and money

Soap powder is superior to washing powder and is more suitable for washing close-fitting clothing. Its main features are natural, soft two-in-one, strong decontamination, ultra-low foam, easy to rinse, and leave a fragrance. These advantages are outstanding in the washing comparison experiment. As we all know, clothes washed with washing powder usually need to be rinsed 4-5 times to be clean. This is common sense in life. Use natural soap powder, wash the same amount of clothes, as long as you run the water twice, you can make the clothes clean and fresh. To calculate an account, according to the calculation of washing clothes every 2 days, about 40KG of water is used for each washing with washing powder, and the rinsing water link accounts for 2/3 of the water consumption in the entire laundry process. The use of natural soap powder is not only less than half of the amount of washing powder, but also saves 13.33KG (40 × 2/3 × 50%) of water per washing, and a family can save 2.39 tons of water throughout the year (13.39 tons). 3KG×180 days). Calculated on the basis of 100 million urban households across the country, the annual saving of washing water is 239 million cubic meters. Calculated at one yuan per cubic meter, a total of 239 million yuan of expenditures for urban households across the country will be saved. If it is linked with the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, its significance is even more prominent. It is reported that the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, which is planned for half a century, will cost 500 billion yuan from the state. After the project is completed, the total annual water transfer volume will reach 44.8 billion cubic meters. 600 million yuan. From this, it is estimated that as long as every urban family chooses natural soap powder, it will not only directly benefit the family, but also save more than 2 billion yuan in investment for the country every year, and alleviate the contradiction of water shortage. The implementation of this technological innovation can save the country an additional 3.8 billion yuan a year. Of course, this is not a major contribution. The greater contribution is due to the natural characteristics of natural soap powder, its affinity for fabrics, and prolonging the service life of clothing. And the color does not fade after washing, keeping the clothes bright as new, so that consumers can get real benefits, and its value is far from 3.8 billion yuan. It’s really “don’t compare, don’t know, one-to-one doesn’t count”. Among the many detergents, natural soap powder is expected to be the first choice no matter from the perspective of economy, environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and personal, social and national interests!

2. Make the clothes soft, fluffy and have a fragrance

Conserving water is just one of the more than expected benefits of using natural soap powder. If you use washing powder to wash cotton fabrics, underwear, bed sheets, etc., many people add softener after washing to ensure the softness of the clothes and the washing habit of removing static electricity, and use natural soap powder, because the main raw material comes from natural vegetable oil, plus unique The processing technology, the actual use shows that the washed clothes are soft, fluffy and have a fragrance. If these families use a bottle of softener every two months, at the price of mid-range softener in the market, a family can save 90 yuan. It is understood that a total of 1.8 billion yuan can be saved a year, which is a lot of economic benefits. In addition, because the use of natural soap powder is fast and the detergency is close to that of concentrated washing powder, it saves time and electricity and reduces the use of natural soap powder. If you count each of the above, it’s a staggering sum.

3. Hand care, skin care, environment protection

Finally, it should be pointed out that natural soap powder comes from nature and returns to nature, and its social and human benefits are difficult to measure. This is the contribution of science and technology to create inventions.


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