How to deodorize chemical sewage? Industrial deodorants come to the rescue

Deodorization of chemical sewage is something that every chemical plant needs to do, because there will be malodorous gases in the sewage treatment of chemical plants. These gases mainly include ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, and dimethyl sulfide. Disulfide, carbon disulfide, styrene, other odors.

There are two main reasons for the production of these odorous gases, one is directly volatilized from chemical wastewater, and the other is from the decomposition reaction of microorganisms in chemical wastewater. After a large amount of chemical sewage is not properly treated, it will inevitably lead to biochemical reactions, forming new decomposition products, thereby releasing odorous substances. In the chemical industry sewage treatment system, a large amount of active organic VOCS will be discharged during the sewage treatment process. Especially in the sludge treatment stage; failure to fully decompose organic matter, or improper treatment, will cause the chemical plant to produce foul gas.

Because the composition of malodorous substances is complex and various, it will cause different degrees of toxicity to various organs and systems of the human body, and aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and styrene will cause certain harm to the human body. As the state strengthens environmental protection governance, the environmental protection governance technology is improved. Sewage odor deodorization technology has also begun to rise and show a trend of vigorous development.

Jiahe industrial deodorants uses the activity of plant liquid, which can replace and adsorb odor molecules to achieve rapid deodorization effect. If the chemical sewage tank is deodorized in space, the odor control agent can be sprayed with spray deodorization equipment. Effectively controlling the discharge of odorous pollutants and volatile organic compounds from chemical factory sewage can reduce the odorous impact of chemical factories and enterprises on surrounding residents, and promote the harmonious development of the economy and society.


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