What is rubber odor eliminator?

Detailed introduction:
The rubber odor eliminator can effectively reduce or eliminate the odor or peculiar smell caused by rubber additives and residual monomers in the rubber itself in rubber products, especially suitable for some rubber products that are reprocessed using secondary recycled materials.
The rubber odor eliminator has better temperature resistance, long aging and small addition amount. It has no effect on the performance of the rubber product itself that needs to be covered and deodorized.
【Scope of application】
It can be used for natural rubber, nitrile rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, renewed rubber, etc.
【Salient features】
Harmless, no reaction, small amount of addition.
Direct chelation of low molecular weight mixtures (containing amino nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide functional groups).
It acts directly on the active group, so that the active group is no longer volatilized into the surrounding environment.
【melting point】 150±2℃
【Appearance color】White powder.
When using, the user should mix the powder with the material as uniformly as possible according to their own production conditions, so that the powder and the material are fully contacted, and the better the mixing, the better.

The deodorizing effect is better.
It has little effect on the operating temperature. Generally speaking, high temperature is helpful for deodorization.
[Reference dosage] The amount added in the mixture is 5-8‰, and the amount added in the updated material can be appropriately increased according to the situation.
【Storage and transportation】
Store in a ventilated, dry place to prevent direct sunlight. During transportation, it should be protected from rain and sun exposure.


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