The role and efficacy of zeolite powder

Zeolite is a kind of natural aluminosilicate iron ore found by French mineralogist Kronsti. It is named “zeolite” because of the boiling situation caused by burning, and zeolite powder is milled from natural zeolite rock. , the color is milky white, it can remove 95% of the permanganate index value in the water, clean up the water quality, ease the situation of water transfer, The unique adsorption effect of zeolite powder can adjust the proportion of ammonium ions in the animal’s digestive system, and can absorb the moldy substances and harmful substances in the pellet feed, improve the resistance of animals, reduce the incidence of disease, and effectively avoid animal diseases. Diarrhea, make the pellet feed more abundantly and fully utilize the river to digest, thereby improving the conversion rate and utilization rate of the pellet feed calorific value and nutrient elements, so the addition of zeolite powder can not only improve the quality and utilization rate of the pellet feed, but also increase the efficiency of the pellet feed. Substantially reduce the direct cost of raw materials.

Application fields of zeolite powder

1. Specific functional filler masterbatch: zeolite powder is produced and processed, and is mainly used in plastics, rubber materials, artificial leather and other manufacturing industries as functional filler masterbatch to replace calcium carbonate powder. Using this new type of filler masterbatch to produce artificial leather, its characteristics are twice the national standard. In the production of anti-corrosion PVC rigid flexible circuit boards and commodities, the demand for filling masterbatch is twice that of light calcium, and its various characteristics guarantee or exceed the requirements of the national standard GB4454-84, which can greatly reduce the production cost of manufacturers. cost and improve product quality. When used in adhesive products, its tensile strength is increased by more than 20%. It is used in the paper industry to replace light calcium powder in the production of books and newspapers, and has a higher retention rate.

2. Scope of application in pellet feed: Zeolite powder is mainly used as an additive for pellet feed. It has adsorption and activated carbon adsorption properties. It can absorb ammonia and fix nitrogen, relieve trace elements according to the time of digestive tract, adsorb gastrointestinal harmful substances and improve digestion. , In addition, it can conflict between supply and demand of various trace elements and macro elements in poultry, promote increased production and increase body weight, and improve the return of pellet feed, and 5% can be added to pellet feed immediately.

3. Scope of application of fine particle zeolite: Fine particle zeolite is made of high-quality zeolite ore, purified and plastic granulated. It has the functions of adsorption, filtration, and deodorization.

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