Distinctive features of odor eliminator

1. The sterilization and odor removal rate of the odor eliminator is faster, which makes up for the lack of slow onset of the original isothiazolinone products, with stronger bacteriostatic ability and longer action time. At the same time, under normal circumstances, one ton of stock solution can get 10 tons of diluted solution, so the use cost is lower.

2. This product no longer uses copper salts as stabilizers, so as to completely eliminate the corrosion of copper ions to system equipment. Moreover, directly adding the tap water to the stock solution can obtain the diluted solution (content>1.5%) product, which has no requirement on water quality and is more convenient for users to use.

3. The stability is better, no matter the stock solution or the diluted solution (no copper ions or any other inorganic or organic stabilizers are added) during the storage period, the precipitation and flocs that the old products are prone to produce will never occur.

4. To improve the peeling effect, the original solution can be directly put into the system at 10-30ppm to obtain a very satisfactory effect of removing dirt and slime, which makes up for the poor peeling effect of the old isothiazolinone products.

5. The application field is wider. Since the diluent does not need to add copper ions or other metal ions, the product can be better used in coatings, cosmetics, emulsion products and other fields that are prone to demulsification or cannot use heavy metal ions, especially the diluent. Because it no longer contains copper ions, the color of the product is almost colorless, so it is more convenient to use in fields with high color requirements, such as textiles, papermaking, cosmetics, brighteners and other industries.

6. The product is more environmentally friendly, and the new product does not contain formaldehyde and methanol.

7. Since the diluent does not need to add copper ions or other metal ions, the content of inorganic salts in the diluent product is greatly reduced, which basically avoids the occurrence of “salt clusters”, and the user’s products are more stable, uniform and beautiful.

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