How to use pvc odor eliminator

In the process of PVC production, there will be a lot of odors due to raw materials or additives. It is necessary to add some pvc odor eliminator to eliminate odors. So, how to use pvc odor eliminator? Today we will talk about the use of pvc odor eliminator in the production process of PVC wallboard


Various raw materials, additives (foaming agent), etc. required for the production of PVC wallboard
Mixing equipment
PVC deodorant RQT-CW-1
PVC wallboard extrusion equipment


Principle: The principle of action of the PVC deodorant is that the PVC deodorant can absorb the ammonia gas released during the high temperature production of the PVC foaming agent, and the ammonia gas has a strong pungent odor. By absorbing ammonia odor, it achieves the effect of removing odor.

Ingredients: The materials required for the production of PVC wallboard: PVC particles, additives: foaming agent, dibutyl ester, PVC deodorant, according to the scientific ratio, mix well. In particular, it should be pointed out that the PVC deodorant and the foaming agent are formulated according to the ratio of one thousandth.

Stirring: Stir the raw materials and additives (including the most important foaming agent and deodorant) required for the production of PVC wallboard with stirring equipment, and wait for production. Generally use vertical or horizontal mixer

Extrusion: After the raw materials and additives are mixed, the PVC wallboard is extruded to produce PVC wallboard. And detect odor levels during production

Conclusion: The dosage of one thousandth of the pvc odor eliminator can effectively remove 90% of the ammonia smell.


The dosage of pvc odor eliminator must be well controlled, and the recommended ratio with foaming agent is 1/1000
In order to ensure the deodorization effect, the pvc odor eliminator and foaming agent should be stirred evenly

pvc odor eliminator


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